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Kyoto-Sangyo University

HKyoto Sangyo University was established in 1965 with the establishment of the Faculties of Economics and Science. Kyoto is an ancient city, where the Imperial Palace existed for more than one thousand years from the end of the eighth century. The city has many temples and shrines as well as historical highlights, such as Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Katsura Villa. Kyoto Sangyo University campus is situated in the Kamigamo, Rakuhoku area (in the northern part of the city), a place renowned in Kyoto for its scenic beauty. On campus, students lead an active college life surrounded by refreshing, ever changing natural beauty. Moreover, the University has more than 100 authorized clubs that have achieved remarkable results in sports and cultural pursuits. Kyoto Sangyo University's 7 faculties and 14 departments cover social studies, humanities, natural sciences - all academic fields. Our students choose faculties and departments that suit their future goals and personal interests and develop expertise in their chosen area of study. 

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