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IMBA - Course Descriptions

At the University of Missouri - St. Louis you can choose from over 100 courses from 8 concentrations in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Information System, International Business, Logistics & Operations Management, and Management and Marketing.

Hung-Gay Fung

"International Business is important because the market is now global. The IMBA degree enables students to have a proper perspective of the global business and to learn way/strategies to deal with international business problems."

Mary Lacity

"Even small start up companies source products and service globally and sell internationally. Thus every aspiring business person needs to understand international commerce."
Dr. Hung-Gay Fung - Dr.Y.S. Tsiang Professor in Chinese Studies and among top "50" among all finance scholars Dr. Mary Lacity - Professor of Management Information System


Prerequisites: BA 6500
This course provides students with a working knowledge of the international environment relating to the financial and securities markets along with the impact on corporate operations. International risk and tools to control risk are studied in a practical environment that may include cases. Individual research may be required to reinforce the topics studied in the classroom. Class discussion of current issues and related readings are encouraged.

Prerequisites: Finance 6500
This course covers topics related to the determination of exchange rates, international parity relations and portfolio diversification. In addition, methods for using foreign exchange derivatives are explored in their use for hedging exchange rate risk. Learning to read foreign exchange quotes and understanding the functioning of global markets is an integral part of the course material. Each student is assigned a foreign country to study throughout the semester with the comprehensive project report. A prior investments course is recommended but not required.

Prerequisites: LOM 5320
A study of international logistics and operations management strategy, planning and operations. Topics may include multinational logistics and supply chain strategies, global network design and sourcing, international transportation, distribution and operations, import-export, risk management, etc.

Prerequisites: BA 5700
An advanced seminar on topics in international or global marketing. Possible topics include the globalization of trade, export marketing, international market opportunity analysis, and negotiation for international marketers. Students who take one version of this course (e.g., globalization of trade) can take a second version of the course (e.g., negotiation for international marketers) with prior permission.


Other Classes that are possibilities

Students will apply both their language skills and knowledge of international business by working in an organization located outside the student's country of origin. This course requires students to submit regular evaluations and prepare a research report summarizing their global experience and how it relates to the international business program.


General Business Course Descriptions

BA 5100 - Managerial Communications (3)
An analysis of business writing and speaking, and the communication conventions common in organizations. Emphasis is placed on developing skills critical to career advancement and necessary for effective organizational functioning.

IS 5800 - Management Information Systems (3)
An overview of management information systems is presented, including IS managerial concepts and hands-on exposure to technology. Concepts include alignment of information systems strategy with business strategy, MIS components and organizational structures, issues in the design and implementation of systems, and understanding the role of information systems in organizations.

LOM 5300 - Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions (3)
The role of statistical evidence in the formation of inference and in the selection of strategies in solving business problems is developed. Probability and probability distributions are studied as a basis of statistical inference. An introduction to multivariate analysis is provided, which includes analysis of variance and regression methods.

MGMT 5600 - Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes (3)
The theoretical and research contribution of the behavioral sciences to management and administration are examined and applied to selected organizational situations. Areas to be considered from the standpoint of both individual and organizational performance are communication, motivation, conflict, decision making, goal setting, leadership, organizational design, climate development, and control. Utilizing a systems perspective, the course attempts to develop in each student an ability to analyze and solve organizational problems.

ACCT 5400 - Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)
This course provides an introduction to accounting, with emphasis on preparation of financial statements for external parties (financial accounting) and accumulation of cost information to aid internal planning and control (managerial accounting). Topics covered include measurement of assets and liabilities; revenues and expenses; the accounting cycle; financial statement; cost terminology, cost behavior, product costing, and relevant costs for decision making. This course provides the necessary background for BA 442 (Accounting for Decision Makers).

BA 5900 - Law, Ethics, and Business (3)
Analysis of the relationship between law and business with emphasis on the ability of, and extent to which, governments regulate business activities. Topics covered include the employer-employee relationship, protection of consumers, antitrust regulation.

FIN 6500 - Financial Management (3)
This course provides an in-depth analysis of corporate finance including asset pricing, risk and return, short- and long-term investment decisions, capital structure choices, dividend policy, derivatives, mergers and acquisitions, and a host of other current topics. The material is taught through lectures and problem solving.

MKT 5700 - Contemporary Marketing Concepts (3)
Designed for students with no prior course work in the field of marketing. A wide spectrum of marketing institutions and activities is covered. The impact of marketing on the total firm, the economy and society in general is assessed. The course is intended to develop and organize the fundamental marketing concepts necessary to an analytical study of consumer behavior, the economic environment, and four managerial aspects of marketing. The acquisition and utilization of marketing research data for problem solving is stressed. Relation and integration of basic marketing knowledge to the successful development of sound marketing policy, planning, and strategy is developed.

LOM 5320 - Production and Operations Management (3)
This course discusses issues related to the creation and delivery of goods and services. Topics include the design of production processes, the layout and location of facilities, forecasting, scheduling, inventory control, queuing, materials planning, and quality control. Analytical techniques such as linear programming are used in studying these problems.

IS 6891 - Seminar in Management Information Systems (3)
Topics of interest in management information systems. Topics may include, but are not limited to, international information systems, electronic commerce, decision support systems, information systems strategy, and telecommunications.

ACCT 5401 - Financial Reporting and Analysis (3)
This course builds on the foundations covered in BA 5400, emphasizing the use of accounting information for making operating, investment, and strategic business decisions. Topics covered include interpretation and analysis of financial statement, uses of accounting information by capital market participants, contribution margin analysis, tactical decision making, pricing and product decisions, budget analysis, and performance measurement.

MKT 5795 - Seminar in Marketing (3)
This course addresses advanced problems in contemporary marketing. Topics may include, but are not limited to, marketing strategy, marketing communications and advertising, product management, consumer behavior, channels of distribution, international marketing, and marketing research.

LOM 6395 - Seminar in Logistics and Operations Management (3)
Topics of interest in logistics and operations management. Topics may include, but are not limited to, quality management, manufacturing and service systems, transportation and logistics, and quantitative management tools.

MGMT 5695 - Seminar in Management (3)
Topics of current interest in management. Possible topics include, human resource management, international management, and entrepreneurship.

FIN 6590 - Seminar in Finance (3)
This course incorporates a wide range of advance topics in finance including, but not limited to, an evaluation of various financial assets as investment opportunities, trends in capital markets, derivatives, and management of financial and non-financial firms.

BA 6990 - Strategic Formulation and Implementation (3)
Graduate program capstone course examining concepts and methods that integrate functional areas of business. The perspective is that of general management charged with directing the total enterprise. Interactions between the environment, organization, strategy, policies and the implementation of plans are explored. Special emphasis is given to globalization of business and ethical perspectives.

LOM 5381 - International Logistics and Operations Management (3)
A study of business logistics and supply chain strategies involving shipments across national boundaries. Topics include the effects of international agreements and regional trading blocks on supply chain strategies; the design of global logistics networks; managerial processes and systems for international production and distribution, and risk management for international logistics.